• Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the function should I make a booking?

The earlier you make a booking the better chance you have of your hire items being available. The later you leave it, you may miss out. We suggest booking maximum numbers at first, then fine tuning numbers and advising final numbers a week prior to your event.

How much deposit is required?

We require 20% deposit of the total booking to be paid within 7 days of making a booking and the remainder is due prior to or by the day we deliver or on pick up.

Why is there a bond on my invoice?

A bond is applied to your order on a number of occasions. Firstly, if you pick up your order we require a bond as a security. Secondly, if you order any breakable items, for example, glassware, crockery, cutlery a bond is charged. Thirdly, if you hire any linen a bond is charged. Forthly, items that require you to clean them prior to return, a bond is charged.

When do I get my bond back?

Your bond is refunded when all items you hired are returned clean and not damaged and are in good order. You do not get your bond back if items are returned dirty or damaged. Further charges may apply. Your bond is refunded the same way it was paid, therefore, if you paid your bond in cash it is returned in cash. If you paid by card, it is returned by card. The bond is refunded once all items are returned to our premises and they are checked.

When do I pay for my order?

Payment is always by the day we deliver or by the day you pick up. If it is a delivery and payment has not been made, we will not leave the hire at your premises.

What time will you deliver on Friday?

To give you the most reasonable delivery fee, we do not just deliver to one house per run. We may combine a number of orders in the similar area. By Thursday we would be able to give you an estimate of morning or afternoon delivery. On Friday we can ring a contact person and advise when we are leaving our Underwood premises with a more accurate time. Please be aware that we do our very best to keep to a schedule but often traffic and other anomalies do occur that are completely out of our control. Your patience is very much appreciated in these circumstances.

I work on Fridays… Do I have to be home when you deliver?

No, we can deliver your order if it has been prepaid and if you allow us to access your premises when you are not there. As long as there is a secure area where we can leave the equipment we can deliver without you being there.

How can I pay for my booking?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, EFT, and cash.

Am I being charged per day for my hire equipment?

No, if your function is on a Saturday, for example, you only pay for one day’s hire, but you can have the hire equipment from the Friday until the Monday. We are closed on Sundays.

How long can I have the hire equipment for?

During the week the hire is based on a 3 day period. For example, if your event is on a Wednesday, you can have the equipment on the Tuesday and return the equipment on the Thursday. If your function is on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday, the hire fee is based on a 4 day hire, therefore you have the equipment from the Friday and the equipment is returned on the Monday.

My wedding is on Saturday but I want to set up on the Thursday. How much extra does this cost?

In this situation the hire equipment is being hired for an extra day, as our standard fee is based on a Friday to Monday charge. One only extra day’s hire would cost you a minimum of 20% extra of your total order, however, you would have to discuss extra costs with our friendly staff when making the booking.

I want to hire your equipment for a week. How much extra does that cost?

A weekly rate does apply in this situation. Please contact us for further details.

What is the latest time I can make changes to my order?

At the initial time of booking we would have confirmed quantities that you ordered. Late changes are subject to availability. We require final numbers by the Wednesday to ensure your altered quantities are available and to allow us to re hire out your equipment if you have decreased the numbers.

Do we have to clean any of the hire equipment before we return them?

Hire equipment must be returned clean otherwise a cleaning fee is charged. In regards to crockery, cutlery and glassware, the conditions of hire are that all items are rinsed with water, free of food and liquid and dry before placing back into the containers provided. The cost of cleaning for linen and chair covers is included in the hire fee. However, we do ask that these items are dry before folding away and free of food particles.

Can we pick up our hire order?

Yes, for a weekend event, you can pick up on Friday (9am -4pm) or Saturday (9am – 12pm) from our Underwood premises.  If you have a midweek function, we will organize a suitable day and time with you.

If I pick up, will someone be there to put the hire equipment into my vehicle?

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to have extra staff solely for pick ups. It is an advantage for you to bring an offsider to help you load and tie down. However, we would always assist where possible.

What time do I have to return my hire?

If you have a weekend hire, you need to return it on Monday between 9am – 4pm. Midweek hires are returned between the hours of 9am – 4pm.  Late fees may apply if items are not returned on expected day.

When do you deliver?

For a weekend function, our delivery charges are based on a Friday delivery and Monday pick up with no set times allocated. Weekend deliveries may be arranged at an additional charge though conditions apply. See Delivery Charges.

My function is midweek, when would you deliver?

The usual delivery is the day before and we pick up the day after.

Will my hire order fit in my car?

This always depends on the amount of equipment you are picking up and what size car you have. It is always an advantage to pick up larger orders in a ute or a trailer. A number of our heating/cooking equipment will not fit into an average sedan, therefore a ute is required. TRADIES/BACKYARD HANDYMEN.. We do ask that you clear your ute or trailer of everything else before picking up your hire items to avoid DAMAGE to our equipment.

What if I break some equipment?

When the hire equipment leaves our premises it is your responsibility to take care of it and any damages or shortages would have to be paid by the hirer. (see our Hire Conditions)

What is your largest marquee?

We have a very large number of marquees and they vary in sizes. If you would like a marquee for your function, and you have a level area that doesn’t have clotheslines or bushes underneath it, it is a good idea to measure the area yourselves, so you can let us know the measurements and we can advise which marquee would fit in that area.

How do I fit 100 people under a marquee in my backyard?

You first need to measure the area where you want the marquee, as it doesn’t matter how many people may be invited, if your area is smaller than the marquee it will just not fit. Often you may have for example, 60 invited guests, where we would suggest a 6m x 9m marquee, but the area where you want to put the marquee is only 4m x 4m…

What marquee would be best for my function?

There are two types of marquees. Peg and pole marquees and free standing marquees.

Peg & Pole Marquees

The traditional marquee or tent is a peg and pole which can only be erected on unsealed surfaces like grass and it has centre poles and side poles with guy ropes being pegged into the ground. You need to advise if there are any underground pipes as the pegs need to be pegged about 30cm into the ground.

Free Standing Marquees

Freestanding marquees can be erected on an unsealed or sealed surface, that means grass or cement. It must be fairly level area that has no obstacles like clothesline and bushes underneath the marquee area. This type of marquee does not have centre poles, therefore it allows for a totally open area under the roof. If the marquee is erected on grass we do like to peg the marquee down to secure it. However, if the surface is cement we weight the marquees down with cement blocks on each corner.

Do sides come with the marquees?

It does depend on the marquee that you have hired as to the colour and type of sides that come with that particular marquee. For marquees 6m x 9m and larger we give you two sides free of charge. Extra sides are available at an additional charge.

Why do the sides flap in the wind?

For all our peg and pole and freestanding marquees, sides are hooked onto a string line around the inside of the marquee and fall to the ground, therefore the breeze will cause movement in the sides, which can be lessened but can’t be eliminated. If you don’t want the sides to flap in the wind, you would have to hire our structures as the sides slide into the leg of the structure.

I am hiring a food warmer and I want to place it outside on an extension chord. Is that ok?

The longer the extension chord the higher the voltage drop, so cannot guarantee the unit will heat to its full capacity. It is best to plug the unit directly into the power point.

The hot food bar is being plugged into a power point in my kitchen. I am also going to be using the microwave and the kettle. Should all these work together at the same time?

When you put too many appliances onto the one circuit, it would generally short out the house. The hot food bar needs to be plugged into its own power point, in its own circuit. Other heating appliances should be put in another part of the house on a different circuit.

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