Food Warming and Cooking Equipment Hire

Not all venues can support multiple electrical appliances working at the same time without overloading the power circuits.

Overloading the circuit will stop the appliance working and can cause damage to the unit and can short out your venue.

Your house has multiple circuits to help the electrical current stay small, reducing the risk of overloading the circuits.

Some electrical appliances, such as a deep fryer, hot food bars, pie warmers, draw more power and may require their own circuit.

We have had occasions when a customer has numerous items working, and they turn on our appliance and it shorts out their house. This is often not because there is a problem with the hired appliance…it is just because they had one too many frying pans or other heating items coming off one particular circuit.

You should use only one power point for each heating unit per circuit.

To ensure a stress free function, it is always recommended to have a trial run of the heating appliances working together, prior to start time.